Liability Insurance:

Marine Liability

Marine Liability policies include a range of coverages from protection and indemnity for vessels to Marine Terminal Operator’s Liability for those operating the marine terminals and everything in between. Our insurance lawyers have experience with a wide variety of marine liability coverage forms, including Comprehensive Marine Liability, Tower’s Liability, Terminal Operator’s Liability, Stevedore’s Liability, Ship Repairer’s Liability, Charterer’s Liability, Wharfinger’s Liability, and Excess Marine Liability and Bumbershoot coverages.  Our coverage counsel have experience with insurance coverage disputes arising from vessel sinking, vessel collisions and vessel allisions, damage resulting from vessel repair, longshore and harbor workers and Jones Act Seamen injuries at ports and onboard vessels while docked or in state and international waters, cargo losses, thru bill of lading cargo losses, marine environmental releases and a myriad of other marine liability exposures.